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  1. Day one of the new normal – 31.3.2020:-
    I’ve set myself a goal that by end of April I shall try to improve my handwriting. This will only be funny to those who work with me at the House. My hand writing has been described as close to a chicken scrawl as one can get – some even say that chicken’s scrawl is at least legible!. So I have written a note today in my ordinary handwriting and i will compare it at end of April. Might even scan it and send through to the Admin team he he.
    Anybody got any achieveable goals they would like to share?

  2. Just popping in to say hi!! ANd thanks for setting this up. I dont use FB if I can help it so this is a great idea. I hope people use it. I’m good. Dogs are fine but a little bored. Puppy is driving me crazy. How is everyone else.
    I have a million goals Trish!! Not sure how many are achievable but I dont care. It’s just nice to have something to call my own!!! What a shame we dont have gif uploads or emoji’s!! 😀

    • thanks Jackie. was thinking of your puppy when i seen your name. they’ll keep you busy and active during this time.

  3. Nice goal Trish!!

    I aim to progress with my Certificate 4 studies the best I can without class interactions/support.

    I would also like to see my 7 year old son achieve the next level of his sight words!

    Who else has some things they’re hoping to achieve ?

    • ha ha – thanks Casey. you are one of many who have the misfortune of having to decipher my hand written notes.
      great goal. I think i will follow your lead also as i haven’t touched a workbook in the last two weeks. i answered the first two questions and that was it!

    • Hey Casey & Trish

      Maybe we could find a way to work “together” or support each other with the course work. NOt sure how but with all the tech options around right now we should be able to come up with something & maybe have study group or something Just a thought.

      • Hi Jackie E
        that would be fantastic. How about we set up a zoom video conference and i’ll invite Erin to join also.
        i’ll email you, Casey and Erin with links to zoom. we can virtual meetings:)
        thanks Jackie

  4. Hi to all,I am like most doing the self isolation and at times looking for something to do beside cooking and then eating. I suppose one of my new goals will be to loos.e this weight that I am sure I have put on. Iam calling itthe corona weight sindrome .
    To all out there please do what ever it is that makes you happy within the new social rules that we have and remember that if we ALL stay strong we will come out on the other side.It is a good time for us to reflect and be heart full for what we have and what a lucky country we live in.

  5. Hi again I have been browsing at some old newsletter from the house and have been reminded that it is our op shops 5th birthday after the fire.HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂. How time passes .Thanks to all associated with our op shop for all the great work that you do , hopefully we will be able to return some time soon.JB

    • Thanks Jackie – i must send an email to the op shop ladies telling them about our birthday! well spotted.
      fingers crossed we may be able to get back to normal soon. no new cases overnight which is excellent news. bodes well for Tassie.

  6. Lovely to see the positivity in the messages. This lockdown makes us evaluate our goals and what’s important in life. As for my life at the moment, I have been painting, building a couple of gates and gardening madly. One thing made me sad and that was when my daughter sent me a photo of her letterbox with an Ernie doll(from Sesame Street), a barbie doll and a stuffed toy hanging out of it. Her Grandchildren had dropped by and left her their favourite toys because she is on lockdown .

  7. Hi all, miss the op shop,keeping busy cleaning ,sewing boomerang bags ,we are in total isolation trying to keep safe ,thank you to those who have dropped off various things ,it feels like Christmas when I go to mail box and find things there.Jim and I are keeping up our excerise routines.Bill the peacock visits and Jim feeds and talks to him .keep safe all

    • Hey Vickie, so wonderful to hear from you and thanks for doing boomerang bags! that sounds so nice about people leaving things in your letter box!
      i spoke with Joan at the weekend and she is going ok on the mainland. She sends her regards to all the ‘baggers’

  8. i am still cracking up laughing at today. We were putting out the food baskets from Loaves & Fishes on the picnic tables under the shelter beside the bungalow. Myself and Michael were walk back towards the bungalow staying under the shelter from the torrential rain. When all of a sudden a big gust of wind blew the rain right under the shelter straight at me. It was like somebody chucking a bucket of water on me. I was absolutely drenched ha ha. I couldn’t stop laughing – it was so funny. Meanwhile Erin is absolutely soaking wet from helping people bring their food bags to their cars and all we could do was laugh like kids. Remember when you were little and your mum wouldn’t let you stay out in the rain and you couldn’t understand why – as there was nothing better than looking up at the sky and sticking your tongue out catching rain drops!
    Anybody got a funny story to share on this rainy night?

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