Launceston Community Legal Centre

St Helens Neighbourhood House provides access to FREE Legal Advice

through the Launceston Community Legal Centre.

Launceston Community Legal Centre Inc. (LCLC) provides FREE legal advice to anyone in the community. 

A lawyer visits St Helens Neighbourhood House and appointments are necessary.

LCLC does not apply any financial or asset test. In the first instance, a solicitor provides forty five minute, one off legal advices to Clients, which can include but is not limited to, such matters as wills, power of attorney, debt, contract, consumer rights, boundary fences and restraint orders, employment or unfair dismissal issues, family law issues, welfare rights issues and disability discrimination issues. They also provide guidance to Clients who wish to self litigate

In addition to the legal practice The Legal Literacy program has the twin aims of improving document literacy and problem solving in rural communities. Trained individual local volunteers work with local clients in their own communities to address issues BEFORE they require legal advice or intervention.

 Visit our Facebook page and website or call LCLC on (03) 6334 1577 to find out when Launceston Community Legal Centre will be at the House.